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After School Inventory

Thanks to funding from the United Way of Pierce County Youth Action Team, Franklin Pierce YOUTH FIRST! was able to survey our community to identify parent needs, recognize barriers to after school enrichment participation, and create the first comprehensive inventory of the Franklin Pierce School area’s unique resources. From sports to 4H to homework resources, this inventory provides a comprehensive list of extracurricular activities available to youth in the Franklin Pierce School District area. It provides basic information as well as contact information for each activity. To download a copy, see the below attachment entitled "What to Do in FP". It was introduced to the community at the FPYF! Community Fair in May, 2009.

A scholarship fund was developed to off-set costs to ensure after school program resources could be provided as part of a case management strategy for students who demonstrate an interest and need.  These scholarships can be used to pay for any of the activities listed in the guide, and are available to youth who need them. To apply for a scholarship, a student can either ask their school counselor for an application or talk to the individual program provider. Additionally, many of the activities listed in the inventory require no fee at all.






After School Programs

We work collaboratively with several service providers to bring more after school and enrichment programs to the community.   Four of the eight elementary schools and both middle schools have programs due to collaborative efforts put in place through FPYF! partnerships.  These programs are centered on academic and social enrichment, providing students with homework help as well as a safe, positive space to spend the afternoon.

Last year alone almost 500 youth participated in these programs and experienced academic and social gains.  For example, in the Great Pathways after school program provided in partnership with Puget Sound ESD, 61.2% of students with failing grades in reading in the first trimester, raised their grades to passing by the 3rd semester.  For math, 45.1% of students raised their grades.  Teacher surveys showed that more than 78%  of the students who needed to improve their academic performance did due to Great Pathways program assistance.  Beyond academic achievement, data from teacher surveys showed that students increased their learning behaviors at similar percentages and more students reported getting good grades and feeling excited about their accomplishments in school because of after school program support.

There is no doubt….After School programs DO make a DIFFERENCE!

AmeriCorps in Our Schools

We are fortunate enough to have AmeriCorps members working in our schools. AmeriCorps is a national service organization that mobilizes citizens to work for positive change in their community. Members work in a variety of fields, including education. Ford Middle School, James Sales Elementary, and Christensen Elementary each have an AmeriCorps member working full time to help coordinate their respective after school programs, and several of the elementary schools have Reading Corps members helping students improve their reading  and verbal skills. For more information about AmeriCorps, visit www.americorps.gov



"what to do in FP"

"Last year alone almost 500
youth participated in these
programs and experienced a
cademic and social gains. "