The PARENTeam is active in Franklin Pierce; providing Parenting Classes across the district, Family Support through the Readiness to Learn program, Community Resources, and coordinates the Coalition for Communities Families and Schools (CCFS) 

Parenting Classes

Love and Logic

The Parenting with Love & Logic workshop encourages parents to use "love" to give their children opportunities to be responsible and empowered; the "logic" approach allows children to live with the natural consequences of their actions.  One of the goals of this class is to increase communication skills between the parent and child. After taking the course, many parents reported that their children were less likely to argue or talk back, or throw a tantrum at home or in public.  Parents are given skills to identify and correct inappropriate behaviors by using appropriate consequences and healthy disciplining techniques that focus on raising responsible children.  We currently have two workshops scheduled in 2012. A Love and Logic Class at Midland Elementary starting on Tuesday, March 6th- April 17th and a Teen Love and Logic Class at Gates High School on Wednesdays, March 7th- April 18th.  If you are interested in signing up, please contact Michelle Nicholson at mnicholson@fpschools.org or 253-298-4056. See flyers attached below.

Guiding Good Choices

This class offers parents the knowledge and skills needed to guide their children through early adolescence through the Guiding Good Choices parenting class.  The program is interactive and aims to strengthen and clarify family expectations for behavior, enhance the conditions that promote bonding in the family, and teach skills to parents and children regarding resisting substance use.  This year the workshop will be offered Spanish, with culturally appropriate facilitators and cultural adaptations as needed. This class is a 5 week class for parents of 4th-9th graders.  In addition to teaching family management skills to the parents, and refusal skills to the youth, these classes build community between parents, students, and the school.

 Readiness to Learn

Readiness to Learn is one of 27 projects statewide that provides support services to families with Pre-K-12 children. Family support services include helping families develop problem-solving skills, linking them with resources and encouraging ways to support their children in school. Our outcome-based evaluation shows family support services help improve attendance, behavior and academic success.

Coalition for Communities Families and Schools (CCFS)

The purpose of CCFS is "To provide an additional level of Intervention when schools reach the top of their internal resources. This will provide a venue for dialog and referral between service providers, families, and schools in order to address truancy, mental health and multiple barriers to learning for individual students."

CCFS is a collaboration of community agencies who work together to address the barriers to learning for individual students. Our three focus areas are: Mental Health, Parent Support, and Truancy

Partners: Franklin Pierce Schools, A Common Voice, Positive Steps, Building the Bridges, Consejo, and Greater Lakes Mental Health




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